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Eradicating hate from our communities will require all of us. Here, you will find ways you can take your first steps to be actively anti-hate.

“One thing I, and all people of goodwill, can and must do is stand against hate and reject hate for all time. When we recognize the symbol, we will know all are welcome and hate has no home there. As an ally, I cannot truly comprehend the emotions of our BIPOC neighbors over the thousands of years of hate and oppression they have been forced to endure. We must speak out against hate for anyone, for hate against one is hate against everyone.”             

Cook County Commissioner Scott Britton

Hate has no home in Cook County, or any community. Reaffirm your commitment to combatting hate in all of its forms, and commit to taking an important step in your anti-hate journey, by signing the Cook County United Against Hate Pledge.

It's easy.

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Are you a member of a community organization, a business owner, a unit of government, or a community member who is looking to do even MORE with Cook County United Against Hate? Sign your organization up to be a

Coalition Partner!

We know how busy everyone's schedules are, and how many event invitations are swirling in your inbox. We strive to make each and every Cook County United Against Hate event accessible, enlightening, and impactful. We hope you'll join us at an upcoming event.

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The Cook County United Against Hate Symbol exists as a unique beacon of unity that signals a welcoming space to all. Here, you will find the Cook County United Against Hate Symbol reimagined for a number of recognition months - we invite you to download and share!

The first step in eradicating hate is education.


Individuals from Cook County and beyond are invited to use this site as a safe space to learn and grow.

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