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United Against Hate Knowledge Center

The first step in eradicating hate is education.


Individuals from Cook County and beyond are invited to use this site as a safe space to learn and grow. Thank you for making the personal choice to become educated on the legacies of systemic racism and discrimination, and how to be actively anti-hate.

Everyone is invited to use the compiled statistics, training opportunities, and essential reading lists found on these pages to become more informed about the impacts of discrimination and to learn to safely and proactively interrupt injustice and intolerance.


These resources were compiled from existing experts in this field to support everyone in becoming educated about the legacies of systemic hatred and how to be actively anti-hate - right now. 

Please refer to these resources often and share them widely with your network. Together, we can unite against hate to create a better world for all.


Anti-Arab Hate

Anti-Asian Hate


Anti-Latinx/a/o Hate


Homophobia and Transphobic Hate



Mental Health Stigma

Misogyny and Sexism


What does it mean to be anti-racist?

Environmental Racism

We recognize this is not exhaustive and there are many exceptional resources from ourganizations and leaders across the nation. Content suggestions are welcome through the website’s portal.  

The Cook County United Against Hate Symbol exists as a unique beacon of unity that signals a welcoming space to all. Here, you will find the Cook County United Against Hate Symbol reimagined for a number of recognition months - we invite you to download and share! 

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