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About Us.

Cook County United Against Hate empowers everyone, everywhere to learn to actively stand against hate.

Growing a coalition of individuals, nonprofits, faith groups, businesses, and governments to publicly denounce racism, bigotry, and hatred of any kind through municipal resolution and proclamation, and individuals signing the online pledge.

Building awareness through education about the reality and growth of hate crimes and the root causes of prejudice by amplifying the work of exceptional organizations, hosting thought-provoking workshops and events, and cultivating an online library of exceptional resources.

Inspiring conversation with a new community-spirited United Against Hate symbol that, when seen posted publically at community institutions, highlights the need to actively reverse the impacts of discrimination and bigotry.


Empowering action by challenging all communities to champion social justice, challenging all communities to take agency in ending discrimination and bullying, and holding ourselves accountable to interrupt bullying, intolerance, and discrimination at every level, system, and institution where it exists.

Hate Against One = Hate Against All
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Any individual in Cook County who has experienced discrimination or harassment based on an aspect of their identity can file a complaint with law enforcement or their local commission of human rights.

We thank you for joining us in standing up to hate.

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